We love Road Trips. And we  love outdoor activities: Fishing, Hunting, Rafting. And our best companion is our cars. We have driven many cars, different types, different models, different challenges.  But there was one challenge that never changed: the dreadful time of loading the Roof Rack.

After a lot of search, we came up with the Universal Car Doorstep. A smart pedal that hooks on the door latch of every car and gives you that extra necessary step to reach over your Roof.  Packing for traveling was never easier before.

Over time we involved this pedal to become a multifunctional tool. We managed to incorporate a number of functions on this simple tool that make the trip so much safer:  an escape hammer, a seat belt cutter, a car chock, a phone craddle.

And we are still working on some more ideas.

Never again postpone that weekend get away, just because you are bored of the loading ordeal.   

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